Vanity Sampler by Hello from Liz Mathews




From the designer —

This antique sampler was a rare and unique find that we were eager to reproduce and share with the world! This piece is called a “vanity sampler” because all details (name, completion date, or age) about the maker have been cut out/removed to ensure that no one could ever tell their age. When Hello From Liz Mathews acquired this sampler from England, the cut and frayed section was disguised by folding the bottom border over the missing section and framing under glass. This “imperfection” made it all the more appealing and I think the verse stitched in the sampler adds to the vain sentiment and charm of this treasure.

“Youth and vigor soon will flee
Blooming beauty lose its charms
All that’s mortal soon will be
Enclosed in death’s cold arms”


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