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  • Thanksgiving Menu
    Turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes, etc., etc. etc. For years we have served the same food and for years there’s so much leftover. Send it home with the girls. We do. But still so much leftover. Freeze some. Oh … Read more
  • How to Shop at Threaded Needle
    How to shop for cross stitch supplies at threadedneedle.org.
  • Framing My Inspiration
    Flea markets and yard sales are a huge draw for me. What do I look for? Frames are my favorite to seek out. Not just any frames, but antique frames or those that are in good enough shape to be … Read more

About Threaded Needle

Needlework is my passion. I can disappear into my fabric and threads emerging with a sense of calm.


A needlework-centric place where you can share stories, ask questions or seek an opinion. We hope that you’ll be inspired by what you find here.

We also have many charts, fabrics, frames and accessories available to purchase.

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