Framing My Inspiration

Flea markets and yard sales are a huge draw for me. What do I look for? Frames are my favorite to seek out. Not just any frames, but antique frames or those that are in good enough shape to be reused. I could spend a fortune on new frames, but as time goes by, gently used, deeply loved and story-filled frames are a bigger draw.

Stores geared towards those who create also have good finds if one looks. And thus, here we are. Here’s the story on my latest project.

When I first saw this design, my love of all things lighthouses, the beach and the ocean drew me in. My immediate thought was … MUST have this for the website as my customers will love this.

My immediate second thought was … this would be fabulous stitched over 1. So I filed that thought knowing I would revisit at some point.

This happened! Beautiful right?!

Design area is 2.5″ x 3″. And now I’m on a mission! Most times we choose a design to stitch because of a special someone, occasion, memory, etc. For me, it’s another thing to choose a design to fit the frame.

Remember The Lighthouse pictured above? I did! 😀 Next step is what fabric can I stitch this on where it will fit? And then, do I have it in my stash?!

The model calls for white Aida. I didn’t have any or white of any kind that would make this design fit. But I did have a small piece of 32 ct. lt. blue Lugana. Stiching this design over 1 on this fabric for this frame is a perfect fit!

Have been stitching on this a little less than a week now, and this is where I am so far.

While the fabric looks a bit grayish, it’s actually light blue. Because of that had to make a small change. The model is stitched on white, there are areas that are left unstitched. The clouds, the seagull and parts of the lighthouse couldn’t be lt. blue so will use DMC 3865 and will fill in where needed.

Am truly loving stitching this little gem. It’s so much fun and quite relaxing.

Everything you might need to stitch this one yourself is available here at Threaded Needle. Would love to see your finished work. Enjoy

Get the Materials —
The Lighthouse
Mini Cream Frame (limited supply)
Tapestry #28 needles