Thanksgiving Menu

Turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes, etc., etc. etc. For years we have served the same food and for years there’s so much leftover.

Send it home with the girls. We do.

But still so much leftover. Freeze some.

Oh you all know the routine I’m sure!

So last year I decided to take inspiration from the first settlers whom we celebrate with this special meal each year. Our visit to Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts got me thinking. Let’s have a meal that’s truly reflective of those first colonists and the inhabitants of this land, the Wampanoag Peole, who were already here. If you’re interested, the book that has me so inspired is here —

At the risk of violating copyright, I won’t post recipes here, but history can be so exciting and inspirational. We are actually looking forward to our food prep this year. In light of this, my “big piece” for 2022 is also along these lines of a historical Thanksgiving.

During decision time, there were several that made the “maybe” pile, but this one, Thanksgiving 1621 Sampler by Twin Peak Primitives, was the winner. The more I stitch on it, the more I love it!

This piece uses all DMC and would be perfect on any count of fabric. Am in stitching frenzy mode to see if I can get it finished and framed in time to hang on the wall for this year. That may be an overreach and I may settle for just finishing it in time. 😀 This is a pic of the completed piece from the chart itself —

Below is buying information for the supplies for this stunning piece. If you’re stitching for Thanksgiving, hope your projects get done in time and that the spirit of this special time, unique to Americans, brings you and your family tremendous memories to reflect on for years to come. ~Alice

Thanksgiving 1621 Sampler by Twin Peak Primitives
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